Do it yourself aquarium equipment

    Building your own aquarium equipment will save you tons of money! With my plans you will be able to build;

  • A protein skimmer that works so good you will not believe your eyes.

  • A sump refugium filter to grow your own macro algae garden. Macro algae helps eliminate high nitrate and phosphate levels in your aquarium.

  • A wet dry filer, hands down the best filter for large aquariums. you will be able to build any size wet dry filer for what ever size tank you have.

  • Your own live rock. I have spent a small fortune on live rock, that is, until I started making my own. Using my recipe you will be able to make hundreds of pounds of the most beautiful porous rock.
  • All of this for a fraction of the price than if you bought them online or at your local fish store.

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Individually for $4.99 each

or Get all 4 for only $14.99

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What you will be able to do with my plans

A wet dry filter, the best filter for any aquarium. Grow tons of nitrate eating macro algae in your own sump refugium. A protein skimmer necessary for every salt water aquarium. Make tons of your very own live rock.

What will you get with my plans?

Before I wrote these plans, I did loads of research, and found tons of information in books, on the internet, and from other hobbyist. I decided to put all that I'd learned into these easy to follow plans. If you are thinking of making any of these projects, all the information and instructions are right here in these easy to follow step by step plans. Anyone can build any of my DIY projects. Even if you have limited building experience, building one of my designs will be a snap following my direction laid out for you in these plans. All of my designs are being used by thousands upon thousands of not only reef aquariums owners but fresh water aquariums hobbyists as well.

Why DIY?

You can custom build the filter to any size to fit your needs.
Make as much live rock as you want for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy "live rock" from your LFS.
Build a protein skimmer that pulls amazing amounts of skimmate from your aquarium that you won't believe your eyes.

New vs Do it Yourself
for the average home aquarium.

Item Buy New Buy Used DIY
Skimmer $100 - $1000.00 $100 - $500.00 $20 - $100.00
Sump Refugium $300 - $1000.00 $150 - $500.00 $50 - $100.00
Wet Dry Filter $250 - $1000 $150 - $500.00 $50 - $100.00
Live Rock $5 - $10 a pound $5 - $10 a pound Pennys a pound